Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2017

Let’s Recap the ACE Films 12 Days of Christmas

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my Family, Friends, Colleagues & Fans for all the amazing love & support you have shown me and ACE Films over 2017! .

As a gift for all of you, I posted links to films I’ve worked on throughout the years and where you can stream them today. There are so many films I’ve worked on, and so many of them are available to rent or buy on all the major platforms, but I wanted to make sure you could see the films (usually) by clicking the link. In my original posts on Facebook, I share other details about the films. I hope everyone enjoyed this Holiday Season and I look forward to sharing more great work in 2018!

Day 1: The Perfect Christmas Present (still screening on HM&M Channel)
Day 2: Consumed (Stream on Netflix)
Day 3: Thrill Ride (Was in Theaters, Now buy/rent on Amazon & iTunes)
Day 4: Evan & Odd (Stream on Pens to Lens)
Day 5: The Hollow (Stream on Amazon or Hulu)
Day 6: Holiday Baggage (Stream on Netflix)
Day 7: Up in the Air (Stream on Amazon, Hulu & Epix)
Day 8: The Philly Kid (Stream on Amazon)
Day 9: Race You to Russia (Stream on Pens to Lens)
Day 10: Bad Johnson (Stream on TubiTV or via Indie Club on Amazon)
Day 11: Solitaire (Stream on Vimeo)
Day 12: Lance Lawson (Stream on Pens to Lens)
Bonus Day 13 (Christmas): Broke Juke (Stream on Amazon)Each link will take you to the site to whatch the film or to the film’s Amazon link.
In some cases it goes to the film’s website or IMDb page if no direct link is available.ENJOY!!!