2016 Comes to an End!

2016 has been a crazy year in so many ways, and not always positive. From a crazy election to losing so many amazing people in the entertainment industry.  It’s no wonder so many hate 2016 and just want it to end.

For me, 2016 was a challenge and rather slow productively.  I only worked on two short films (The Pooka as the 1AD and Lance Lawson: The Case of the Misplaced Politician as a Producer), assisted another short film during pre-production (Two Birds), and two features (Surprise Me! and Slice (aka Kingfisher) both as the 1AD), while having numerous other projects fall through, push back or go in a different direction.

All I can hope is that 2017 is more productive both personally and professionally.  On the professional front, I’m hoping for both more numerous and profitable projects, as well as more opportunities to produce and direct.  I have faith it will all happen.  Look out for new posts throughout 2017.

For now, Happy New Year to all ACE Films’ family, friends, colleagues and fans!